Print. Digital. Beautiful.

I strive to create universally accessible, clearly communicated, and emotionally evocative design that provides ethical inclusivity and stability of experience for all users, executed through beauty and simplicity.

Art Director

Creative Campaigns

Having worked on marketing and promotional campaigns from 10 people to $10M, I love creating a unified presentation for any vision across all media.


A Visual Voice

Words matter; the ones we say and the ones we don't. Communication, whether through text or art, deserves clarity and honesty that provides users with transparent access to resources, products, and community. 

Four Things About Me:

  • 01. I'm inspired by The New York School of abstract expressionism, Marvel comics, Stephen Gammell's horror illustrations and Yoshitaka Amano's fantasy paintings, the design work of David Carson and Michael Beirut (among others). I like to bridge the visual and the emotional, to pair the beautiful and the jarringly ugly, and to combine digital and traditional mediums.

  • 02. I love digital engagement through storytelling. I've grown a community-focused Twitter following of over 10K by sharing honest stories and experiences from my life. The internet connects people to information they need and want, and I love it for that.
  • 03. I came into my career as a designer out of necessity and passion, not by education. As a teenager, I was in a band, so I had to make flyers and album covers. I made book covers for friends, websites for associates of my parents, business cards for local businesses. Before I knew it, I had a portfolio (WOOF, it was bad!) and I landed my first job as a designer, and here I am 16 years later!
  • 04. I love working on projects which highlight and help youth and marginalized communities who often have restricted access to knowledge and resources they need. As a gay, trans, Christian kid, if I had just known that people like me existed, I would have been much better off. I'm always proud to be able to connect people to community and to themselves through my work.